A quick tip to get your golf swing started correctly
1. Take the butt of the club and place into the centre of your chest or stomach.
2. Grip down the club onto the shaft and hold out in front of you assuming your posture.
3. Now simply rotate your torso against a little resistance in your knees to the One Position (see below) feeling Left hand pushing straight back and hands NEVER crossing your toes !! ( if you did it Right handed the butt would come away from your stomach and club would not be in the correct position ).
Simple Set Up Rules
The “One Position”.  The first move in the back swing is the feeling of the Left Hand pushing Straight back, Not the Right hand !! to a position just outside the right thigh. I call this the One Position !!  Hands Never cross your toes to this point.      As described in the initial lessons from a solid address position where you can see, the hands, arms and shoulders forming a triangle at address. (Pic 1) Now rotate the torso and push straight with the Left Hand not allowing the hands to cross your toes to the one position. Club face still looking at the ball. Triangle still in tact. (Pic 2) The “AND” position. From the One position coil your left shoulder over your right knee for correct weight shift. Arms will have been swung up at this point to a position where club shaft is over or preferably slightly above the tip of your right shoulder. You Never want to swing the club Flat around the body !! Left arm comfortably Straight with your left thumb UNDER the shaft. Club will feel light. "The length of swing will depend on your flexibility or the club you are using so don't worry if club doesn't make to the parallel, just as long as you have coiled your shoulders and transferred your weight to the right foot " I call this the AND position !! (Pic 3) Remember - if you you don't make the One position you cannot make the And position !! The start of the downswing is made from the ground up, with a lateral shift to the left by the left knee and hip. Once the change of direction and weight shift has been made the release of the club can be started with No Delay or you'll never square the club face !!! (Pic 4) Now that you have initiated the forward movement with the lower body comes the most important part of straight hitting philosophy. " There must be No Delay in the release of the club head from that point"!! The reason being that if you Drop the butt end of the club ( as seen in many Pro still pictures ) and you delay, you simply haven't got time to square the club at impact, leaving it way Open, so a slice or worse will be the norm. The majority of golfers SLICE the golf ball and I believe this to be the fundamental reason. " If we can release the club correctly then we can make it travel down the target line squarer for longer and increase the speed of the club head BEFORE and DURING impact - Not After !!!! We do not want to get into our minds that there is a DELAYED release of the club head on the way down !!! As you can see in the still photograph  I have started the downswing with my lower body and I am now releasing ALL THE WAY ". You may also notice how the club head is returning to a very similar position to the One Position and I'm beginning to take my right heel over to shift and rotate weight back fully on the front foot. (Pic 5) And now dead solid impact !!!  If everything was correct before this position then you can hit straight shots on a regular basis. If from the correct address position you correctly moved to the One Position in the back swing, then correctly coiled the body and swung the arms up to the And Position, then correctly changed the direction in the forward swing and started to release the club head with No Delay - You will come to a position at impact that has club face and back of the LEFT hand square to target, that is travelling over 36" before and after contact, allowing the club head to skim under the ball, striking ball then turf, Straight down the target line - every time !! (Pic 6)
Before you even begin to think about hitting golf shots there are some rules that need to be explained which we call the Set Up Position.
When setting up to the golf ball a few simple keys MUST be adhered to if the quality of your swing is to be repeated.
1. Hands lay on golf club flat ( as if you're shaking hands with someone ).
2. Posture ( Stand tall and stay tall throughout the swing )
3. Ball position -
   (forward of centre with irons - opposite left heel with woods ).
But remember with the straight hitting  philosophy you can strike the ball
anywhere along the 36"+ zone of squareness and hit straight shots !!!!
4. Body alignment -
 make sure that shoulders, hips and feet are all parallel to the
target line.
Once you have these key set up rules as part of your routine you can then move on to the following lessons.
4. Close your eyes and repeat this over and over again  until you feel the relationship between the body and arms/hands/club head moving together.
Tip 2
5. Think body is the Dog and the arms/club is the tail.
Dog wags tail -
    Tail does not wag dog !!! (Tip 1 -
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6
Pic 7
Pic 8
Golf Swing Plane
The plane of the golf swing is the angle the club is swung around the body and here I have demonstrated 3 different planes that a good golf swing naturally uses.
The yellow line shows the club shaft plane at the address position. (See pic 9
Pic 9
Pic 10
The Red line here shows the steeper plane the club takes as the wrists hinge and the back swing develops. ( note how shaft bisects the right shoulder ). (See pic 10)
Due to the centrifugal forces of the downswing and club shaft tolerances and bowing effect, the impact position has the shaft slight higher than the original shaft plane at address as can be seen here in blue. Remember - ( due to this effect you must get custom fitted to make sure your clubs lie correctly for solid and straight hitting shots) If in doubt, give me a call.  (See pic 11)
Pic 11
Through my website you can learn how to hit the best shot in golf, which many people say is the hardest, but it's NOT !!! HITTING THE BALL STRAIGHT can be achieved on a consistent and regular basis with a few sound rules and practice. Once you understand the basics it is down to you to keep this knowledge and to practice. The more practice you do, the better you could become!  See Lessons to start the process of Straight Hitting Golf!